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At Waterson Huth & Associates we care about you and your family. Our job is to help you plan for your person with special needs and protect his/her rights. The background of our attorneys, Pat Huth, Cynthia Waterson, Nora Asahara, and Jessica Franey makes them uniquely qualified to represent you and your family member with a developmental disability or who may be a person with advanced age.

As a firm, we believe in assisting our clients to become strong advocates for their family member. We encourage you to become involved in the legal process no matter the issue, e.g., Conservatorship, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Special Needs Trust, ABLE Act, Special Education, plus more.

Practice Areas

Conservatorship / Guardianship
Adults with developmental disabilities often need someone to establish a conservatorship to assist them with making important life decisions. At Waterson Huth & Associates our experienced special needs attorneys can help concerned parties.

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Special Education
A One-of-a-Kind approach to helping special education students obtain a FAPE. Did you know that most special education disputes with a school district arise because of an inadequately written IEP?

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Estate Planning
The Attorneys at Waterson Huth & Associates understand the unique questions and concerns that you may have when you begin planning for your financial futures. This is especially true if you, or a family member has special needs.

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Meet Our Attorneys

Pat Huth

Ms. Pat Huth has dedicated the past 40 years of her life advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities including acting as the Client’s Rights Advocate and Director of Advocacy Services for Southern California Regional Centers.

Ms. Huth is passionate about protecting the rights of people with disabilities. She was instrumental in influencing legislation affecting regional center clients. A high point in her professional career was coordinating and implementing the Amnesty Program for Regional Center clients and their caregivers in the late 1980s. Her vast background includes representing regional center clients in administrative service appeals such as SSI, Medi-Cal, In Home Support Services and Special Education.

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Cynthia J. Waterson

Ms. Cynthia J. Waterson has Practiced as a Special Needs Attorney for her entire legal career which began in 1997. Prior to becoming an attorney, she worked for 15 years in direct care programs for individuals with developmental disabilities and as a case manager for a California regional center. She is passionate about providing personalized advocacy and legal services to those who are the most vulnerable, including addressing the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Her professional focus is in the areas of Special Needs and Elder Law.

Ms. Waterson especially enjoys assisting families in understanding and creating life plans for their loved ones. The development of these plans includes consultation about estate planning, special needs trusts, the ABLE Act, SSI, Medi-Cal, regional center services and Conservatorships. She will tailor your plan to meet the specific needs of your family member.

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Nora Asahara

Ms. Nora Asahara is a special education attorney who loves working with families of children with disabilities because of the joy of seeing these special kids flourish at school with better grades, getting involved with peers, and simply looking forward to being in the classroom. Ms. Asahara provides a personalized experience for every family, leaving an impact long after school district issues are resolved because her goal is to teach every client how to advocate for themselves. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the development and writing of IEP’s, from both the educational and legal perspectives. This expertise gives her specialized skills in addressing issues at their source.

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Jessica Franey

Ms. Jessica Franey is passionate about protecting the rights of people with disabilities and her legal experience reflects her commitment to public service.

Ms. Franey started her legal career as a Staff Attorney at the Lanterman Special Education Law Clinic where she advocated for families and children with developmental disabilities. During this time, she attended IEP meetings to ensure these students had access to a free and appropriate public education, received the services in their IEPs, and were being educated in the least restrictive environment. She also filed compliance complaints when school districts violated federal and state education laws. Ms. Franey also has experience in juvenile dependency proceedings, immigration law, civil rights, family law, and contract law.

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