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Conservatorship And Guardianships

Adults with developmental disabilities often need someone to care for them. At Waterson & Huth , our Southern California lawyers help parents or concerned parties who seek a conservatorship for an adult with a developmental disability. Our attorneys also work with clients seeking similar protections through guardianships for a child with or without a developmental disability.

Being appointed guardian of a child allows you, a family member or family friend, to be involved in medical, education, and other decision-making issues when the child's legal parents are unable to do so.

Limited conservatorships differ from general conservatorships in that they are exclusively for people overseeing the welfare of adults with developmental disabilities. Without a conservatorship, the parents of a dependent adult cannot legally make medical, educational or other decisions on their behalf. In this type of conservatorship, the conservator is granted any of seven enumerated powers, including

  • The power to fix Residence
  • The power of consent or withhold Medical consent
  • The power to Contract
  • The power to consent or withhold consent to Marriage or domestic partnership
  • The power to Access Confidential papers and documents
  • The power to make Educational decisions
  • The power to control Social and sexual relationships

The petition for limited conservatorship will include only those of the seven enumerated powers the proposed conservator requests.

LPS conservatorships are for persons with mental illness. LPS conservatorships can only be filed by the Public Guardian's Office. However, we represent the families in the court proceedings to address their concerns and those of the mentally ill. Contact us .