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Special Education

Helping Families Obtain Free Appropriate Public Education for their Children

All children have the right to a FAPE.  However, many students with special needs are receiving inadequate educational programs because of the rising costs of special education services combined with the shortage of public funds. It can be difficult and overwhelming to make decisions about your child's services under these circumstances.

There is no single best approach to handle a special education issue - we will share all of your options with you, including filing complaints, going to IEP meetings, attending Mediation, and filing for Due Process. Understanding the implications of each process, as well as understanding the time and financial commitment, will help you choose the approach that will work best for you.

IEP Meetings

Waterson & Huth, LLP can help parents work with school officials to develop an appropriate Individual Education Plan (IEP). We believe your relationship with the school district is important, and does not need to be adversarial. Many issues can be resolved at the IEP level. We will help you to navigate this process, to communicate effectively with your child's school, and to learn how to advocate for your child with confidence.

While we encourage you to resolve matters at the IEP level whenever possible, there are situations where further action may be needed. Waterson & Huth will assist you with options such as filing a Compliance Complaint or a Due Process Hearing Request.

Compliance Complaints

If the school is not in compliance with your child's IEP, Waterson & Huth, LLP can file a Compliance Complaint with the California State Department of Education (CDE) on your behalf. CDE will initiate an investigation to ensure that the school follows the educational plan documented in your child's IEP.

Mediation and Due Process Hearings

If you have a disagreement with the school about your child's services, Waterson & Huth will help you file a request for a Due Process hearing. Prior to the hearing, we will help you decide if Mediation is right for you. If Mediation does not produce an acceptable agreement, we will assist you with the preparation for the Due Process hearing before the Administrative Law Judge. To prepare you for a successful Due Process hearing, we will help you assemble a team of expert witnesses such as Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Psychologists, Applied Behavioral Analysis Specialists, and Physicians. These specialists provide helpful evidence in support of your case.

While this process can be overwhelming, we will walk through each step with you so that you will know what to expect. Waterson & Huth, LLP will passionately advocate to ensure that your child receives the FAPE the law requires.

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