Practice Area

The attorneys at Waterson Huth & Associates partner with families to obtain the educational services their children need. We also have significant experience representing families in estate planning matters, assisting with the creation of special needs trusts, conservatorships, and guardianships.

We help families with all legal matters related to protecting the best interests of a special needs child or adult, including:

Special Education: All children have a right to free appropriate public education (FAPE). We provide legal representation at hearings, planning sessions, and school conferences.

Conservatorships and Guardianships: We draft a wide variety of legal instruments designed to protect those in need. These include general and limited conservatorships, LPS (Lanterman-Petris-Short Act) conservatorships, guardianships, and powers of attorney.

Estate Planning and Special Needs Trusts: We have particular experience with special needs trusts; these are trusts that allow your child to receive a financial gift from you without losing eligibility for public assistance programs.

Protective Proceedings in Mental Health Court: When parents feel that an adult child needs protection, we provide representation at any court hearing. Parents can request that they or a trusted friend be appointed conservator for the benefit of a dependent adult.

Consulting: We offer consulting services for regional centers, parent groups, and school district parent meetings. Our work includes staff trainings, consultation for case workers, criminal hearings, dependency hearings, and other matters.